Patient Testimonials

Both results and experience are incredibly important to Dr. Gerstman and her team. Our patients trust in us is something we take great pride in. Please see many of our wonderful patient reviews below.

“I have been going to Dr. G for nearly ten years and have never been disappointed. Dr. G is a trusted adviser and takes her time consulting with me, asking me what I want to “tweak” and what brought me into the office. She never pressures me, just does what I ask and suggests the best way to proceed. I have always found Dr. G to be professional, honest and compassionate. The office is lovely and comfortable. Naj, the receptionist, is lovely, helpful and keeps the office running like a well-oiled machine.” –Adrienne K.

“The office is soothing and quiet, more like a spa than a clinic. The staff are always cheerful and accommodating, and there’s rarely a wait (only happened to me once in last few years) Dr Gerstman is warm and knowledgeable, and takes a holistic approach (discussing all options from diet to prescriptions to surgery) She’s also always fair in her pricing and works with you to find treatment regimens that work well with your skin, lifestyle, and budget. I won’t see anyone else and recommend Dr Gerstman to all of my friends!” – Stephanie N.

“I absolutely adore my brilliant Dr Gerstman. She is the first appointment I make when I am in town. I grab a latte at Dean and Deluca than slide into Dr. Gerstman’s oasis. I leave my “tune up” completely up to the lovely doctor. She has been my magician for 7 years and always knows how to keep me looking fresh and youthful in the public eye. I just wish I could pack her in my luggage and take her back to London with me…..” – Giuliana B.

“I am so grateful to Dr. G and her eye for perfection. I have struggled with acne my whole life and now it is virtually non existent. The products she sells are top notch and tailored to your own specific needs. She advises on the best make up to buy for my individual skin type and for what season (makeup that she does not even sell). She did a few gentle injections that made my worry lines disappear and no one even noticed because it was so subtle and natural. I only heard from people, “you look great! and “You look so rested!” The results are long lasting and stimulated my own natural collagen! She also will NOT allow you to make any mistakes. I once begged her to do my lips and she examined my face and said, “NO WAY” (I already have large lips but I got greedy). She will never let you make yourself into a clown face and become an injection addict. Many Doctors just want your money but Dr. G wants to make you look your best even though it might cost less. I am a big fan of hers and I look forward to going back.” – Louise J.