DermaPen Microneedling

DermaPen is an innovative microneedling device used to stimulate collagen production. This collagen fills in fine lines and acne scars, tightens loose skin, and minimizes enlarged pores. Collagen induction therapy via microneedling has been performed since ancient times. What brings micro-needling into the 21st century is that with this device, the depth of penetration of the needles is adjustable. With a twist of the knob, you can lightly prick the top of the skin to help with topical product penetration or go deeper with the needles to stimulate collagen for more resistant wrinkles and scars.

Fraxel lasers produce a similar type of micro-penetration. However, lasers use high heat to penetrate the skin, which produces collateral damage to healthy tissue, thereby causing pain and more downtime. With the DermaPen only a mild topical anesthetic is used and which minimizes discomfort.

Plus, due to it’s small size – just the size of a marker or highlighter pen – it’s able to get into smaller contoured areas more easily than using a laser. The DermaPen is ideal for upper lip wrinkles and crow’s feet. Add PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) and results are even better!

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