An excellent treatment for a smoother and more luminous appearance, Microdermabrasion improves clogged pores, skin texture, and skin discolorations by removing the topmost layer of skin, leaving skin more supple and vibrant. Traditional Microdermabrasion, aluminum oxide crystals are used for exfoliation but those crystals are often left floating around in the air and imbedded in the skin or left in the hair and clothes of both the patient and clinician.

Dr. Leslie Gerstman performs “crystal-free microdermabrasion” with the DiamondTone™ Skin Resurfacing system.  This system is an evolution in microdermabrasion, offering a twenty-first century skin care technology for applying the millennia-old technique of dermabrasion. By eliminating the powders and crystals (aluminum oxide and salt), DiamondTone™ has made skin rejuvenation the clean, controlled procedure it should be. Dr. Gerstman regards the DiamondTone™ system as being more gentle and effective than other exfoliating systems, even at higher settings.