Intensif RF Microneedling

Rejuvenate your skin with a technology that effectively improves skin tone and texture – Intensif microneedling RF. NYC’s very own Dr. Leslie Gerstman offers this treatment. Intensif microneedling RF is an FDA-approved technology designed to rejuvenate the skin by improving its texture and tone. It targets acne scars, as well as deep wrinkles, pockmarks, stretch marks, and other conditions that benefit from deep thermal heating.

The treatment involves the use of a handheld device that contains gold-plated, tapered microneedles, which puncture the skin and deliver radiofrequency energy. Each superficial puncture creates a channel, triggering the body to fill the microscopic wounds by producing elastin and collagen. Elastin and collage will not only heal the damaged area but also the areas around it. This eventually smoothens out minor scars, flattens fine lines, and promotes skin elasticity.

Because the radiofrequency energy targets just water instead of melanin, the treatment is a safe and efficient option for people of all skin types – even sensitive skin and tanned skin. There will be noticeable results within several weeks, but to achieve optimal results, patients must undergo a series of treatments at our Intensif microneedling RF clinic in NYC.

No Skin Damage = Quicker Recovery Time

Intensif provides the only mechanized, shock-free needle insertion that physicians can completely control, including needle depth and duration allowing for 5 times deeper treatments than fractional lasers and 3 times faster treatments than other needle technologies available today. While older fractional remodeling technologies left scarring, redness, risk of hyperpigmentation, pain, and a lengthy downtime,  Intensif offers a fresh look at microneedling, targeting deeper layers of the skin (up to 3.5 MM) with little to no epidermal damage leading to quicker recovery time and a more efficacious treatment. The procedure takes approximately 15-30 minutes, varying by region. You may experience a heat sensation during your treatment. Most clients have minimal downtime and heal with 24-48 hours, We recommend a series of three treatments spaced 4 weeks apart for optimal results.

Intensif is an excellent treatment for the following skin conditions:

  • Acne scars including icepick, rolling and boxcar scars.
  • Fine lines around the eyes and mouth.
  • Skin tightening on the face and neck.
  • Stretch marks.

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